Jewellery Care

All our jewellery is made from Sterling Silver

Silver when exposed to the atmosphere is prone to tarnish therefore necessary steps should be taken to delay the process of tarnishing process. These are as follows:
  • Your jewellery should be stored in its original packaging away from sunlight in a cool dry place whenever it is not being worn, this will prevent the jewellery from any scratches and deterioration.
  • Your jewellery should always be worn last when dressing to avoid any cosmetic agents and perfume damaging or/and staining the piece.
  • To maximize the shine on your jewellery polish it regularly with a silver polishing cloth, and from time to time wash it in warm soapy water with a soft bristled brush. Ordinary mild washing up liquid/detergent such as Fairy Liquid tends to work best for this process.
Any Oxidized Sterling Silver will be prone to wear, as it is a surface patina. However, this can give a charming ‘vintage’ look to your item.
Oxidized Silver can be maintained by using a light wax such as colourless furniture polish or beeswax that should be gently applied with a soft cloth and any residue carefully polished off. Please be sure only to use a soft cloth and not a jewellery polishing cloth as the chemicals in the polishing cloth can remove the oxidization.
Gold and Black Rhodium plated jewellery requires extra care and maintenance to prolong its life as atmospheric exposure will wear off the plating, however certain precaution can be taken to slow this process down drastically.
  • Avoid rubbing your jewellery against surfaces, as this will scratch the plating.
  • Operating with machinery and weighty metals can cause heavy scratches that can cut through plating, leaving it exposed to further wear.
  • Remove your jewellery when exercising as body sweat deteriorates the plated surface and avoid contact with Chemicals.
  • Clean your plated jewellery with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use a jewellery cloth as the polishing chemical in the cloth has a tendency to wear the plating over time.
  • Wearing your plated jewellery for significant periods of time will eventually wear off. To restore its brilliant shine you can have it re-plated from any reputable jeweller.
Preserve your Jewellery with your Anti-Tarnish Carbon Paper Tab. This tab will help slow down the tarnish process by absorbing moisture and other atmospheric dangers.
These tabs are non-toxic and do not emit any chemical residues. Place your Anti-Tarnish Paper Tab in your jewellery box.